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Gilles Marck
Ph.D. Energy Engineering


This section give details about the main points of my résumé, which is also available to download in pdf format below:

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Degrees and Education

2015 Associate professor qualification for French universities, mechanical, civil and energy engineering, French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
2009 - 2012 Doctoral Degree in computational fluid dynamics and numerical optimization, Mines Paristech University, Center for Energy and Processes, France.
2008 - 2009 Master of Science Degree in energy and fluid dynamics, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambresis, French University, First in year, First class honour.
2003 - 2009 Advanced Degree majoring in energy engineering, Ecole des Mines de Douai, French leading engineering school, First in year.
2003 'Concours Général' prize-winner in physics laboratory, National french honorary competitive examination open to secondary school pupils, Third national prize.
2003 French equivalent of the A-level in physics, France, passed with grade A.


theme Shape optimization for heat and mass transfer problems
Ph.D. sup. D. Clodic (Mines Paristech) and J.-L. Harion (Mines Douai)
with G. Nadin (UPMC Paris VI), M. Nemer (Mines Paristech) and Y. Privat (UPMC Paris VI)
description Intensification of heat exchanges for conductive or convective configurations is tackled by means of topological optimization, aiming at determining the optimal layout of solid and fluid domains.

theme Design and experimental investigations of thermohydraulic solar systems
supervisors S. Mauran (UPVD Perpignan) and D. Stitou (CNRS)
description A new thermohydraulic system equipped with solar collectors provides heating, air conditioning and electricity for a single family house. A prototype has been built to assess its thermodynamical performances.

theme Numerical optimization of discrete and continuous constrained problems
supervisors B. Stamm, Y. Maday, Y. Privat and E. Trelat (UPMC Paris VI)
subject In the context of urban railway networks, optimal transport and energy saving problems are modelled within a C++ framework. Then, both problem classes are optimized simultaneously thanks to combinatorial and continuous numerical methods.

Professional experience

Since 2014 Post-doctoral fellow, CNRS-PROMES, Perpignan laboratory, supervisors: L. Gaches, S. Mauran and D. Stitou, France.
  • Technological design of a tri-generation solar system providing heating, air conditioning and electricity production for single family houses
  • Designing and building an experimental prototype (3-person team)
2013 - 2014 Post-doctoral fellow, Paris VI University, RATP Group and ALSTOM, supervisors: Y. Maday, Y. Privat and B. Stamm, France.
  • Study of the optimal shape of a thermal cooling fin
  • Modelling an optimal transport problem for a railway network:
    • Optimization with gradient and heuristic algorithms,
    • Coordinating the development of the C++ framework
2013 Post-doctoral fellow, Mines Paristech University, supervisors: J.-L. Harion and M. Nemer, France, 6 months.
  • Developing a C/C++ framework to deal with topology optimization of heat transfer problems
  • Writing articles and conference proceedings
2010 - 2012 Teaching assistant, Mines Paristech University, France.
  • Practical work of heat transfer, Ecole des Mines de Douai, , 16h
  • Course of thermal transfer, Ecole des Mines de Douai, 48h
  • Course of fluid dynamics, Mines ParisTech University, 16h
2008 Engineer assistant in glassware industry, ARC International, China, 6 months.
  • Interaction modelling between furnace and smoke regenerator
  • Software development dedicated to energy efficiency:
    • Daily follow-up and forecasting of energetic consumption
    • Pop-up alert reporting the abnormal consumption values
2007 - 2008 Researcher assistant for second generation solar cells, Center For Renewable Energy Systems Technology, England, 6 months.
  • Bench test and building of Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
  • CFD and optimization of two specific construction steps:
    • Thickness homogenization of the TiO2 spray layer
    • Equal spreading of the TiCl4 layer made in a chemical bath
2007 Engineer assistant in design office, ARC international, France, 6 months.
  • Cooling fin analyis on the basis of their thermal performance
  • Optimal fin positioning regarding a thermal criteria:
    • Setting up of a CFD process integrating mesher-solver
    • Development of an heuristic optimization process
2006 Technician for a Non-Governmental Organization, Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Technologiques, Madagascar, 5 months.
  • Identification of partners for hydroelectric industry
  • Preliminary study of a micro-hydroelectric plant
2005 - 2006 Water conveyance for a farming school, FERT, Madagascar, 10 months.
2005 Operator for a thermoplastic industry, Orion Industries, England, 4 months.
2003 - 2004 Life guard, Metropolis of Metz, France, 4 months.


French mother tongue
English advanced level - speaking/writing: C1 following CEFR standards

Computer skills

OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Programing C/C++, Python, Modelica, Bash, VB
Sciences Latex, Bibtex, Mendeley
CFD Ansys-Fluent, Gambit, OpenFOAM
Versioning Git, SVN
Office suite Microsoft, Sun, Apple
CAD SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD
Graphics Adobe Photoshop and Première


  • Special section combining studies with high level sport
  • 2nd at France championship on 200-meter crawl (15-17 yo)
Triathlon Regional champion in 2000
Misc. Running, hiking and snowboarding


  • IT and sciences
  • Movies and reading
  • Boat (motor boat licence)